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Showers and cascading baths

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Hot water supply units for showers and cascading baths

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NBSUQ-TR series

Hot water + Water

Model Aperture (A) Flow/0.2 MPa
NBSUQ-25×32TR 25×25×32 150ℓ/min
NBSUQ-40×40TR 40×40×40 237ℓ/min
NBSUQ-50×50TR 50×50×50 267ℓ/min
NBSUQ-65×65TR 65×65×65 327ℓ/min

*Transportation and commissioning fees will be charged separately.
*Indoor installation type
*The safety cover can be provided separately. Please contact us for more details.
*All above products are made to order.

E2F-STV series (abnormally high temperature-proof type, 100 V AC only)

Hot water + Water

Model Aperture (A) Flow/0.2 MPa
E2F-15×20STV 15×15×20 51ℓ/min
E2F-20×20STV 20×20×20 53ℓ/min
E2F-20×25STV 20×20×25 53ℓ/min
E2F-25×25STV 25×25×25 117ℓ/min
E2F-25×32STV 25×25×32 150ℓ/min
E2F-40×40STV 40×40×40 237ℓ/min

*1: A separate order must be made for master valves that come above the unit.
*2: The back plate is an option.
*3: The waterproof switch and operation name plate are options.
*Indoor installation type
*When installing the unit, be sure to leave enough space around it for maintenance purposes.
*40A uses the flange connection for both the entrance and exit.

STV series (parts)

Model Aperture (A)
STV-15 15
STV-20 20
STV-25 25
STV-32 32
STV-40 40

Model Aperture (A)
STVA-15 15
STVA-20 20
STVA-25 25
STVA-32 32
STVA-40 40

Model Aperture (A)
B2-2-1525 15
B2-2-3250 32

Waterproof switch WS6531 series

Waterproof switch
Model Product configuration
WS6531S Set including ①,②,③, and ④
WS6531 Set including ①,③, and ④