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Genki bath

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Genki bath set-up image

The system mainly consists of the power supply, cables, and electrode plates.
The power supply generates a minute amount of electricity that travels along the underground cables, etc., and passes through the bathtub between the electrode plates.
The precaution sign is to be installed near the bathtub.
*We recommend setting the water temperature to a lukewarm level at around 40°C for a Genki bath.
*The appropriate water level in the bathtub is 800-900 mm.

Genki bath

Main unit set items

Model Compatible water type Material Drawing in PDF
KH-12E Tap water Made of SUS304 PDF
KH-12S Spring water and well water Made of SUS316 PDF
KH-12SP Special spring water and well water Made of titanium PDF

*The above products are made to order.
*Choose an installation plan of the electrode plates from
①, ② and ③ for two seats.

For ordering only electrode plates (for one seat)

  Model Material Number of units
KHD-200 Made of SUS304 2
KHD-500 Made of SUS304 2
KHD-5001 Made of SUS304 1
KHD-200S Made of SUS316 2
KHD-500S Made of SUS316 2
KHD-5001S Made of SUS316 1
KHD-200SP Made of titanium 2
KHD-500SP Made of titanium 2
KHD-5001SP Made of titanium 1

*The above products are made to order.
*Please consult us if the dimensions of the electrode plates need to be extended.

If water other than tap water will be used, please put a sample of the water in a PET bottle and send it to the company (Osaka) for a water quality test.
These products cannot be used for seawater baths or pools.