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Digital temperature indicators

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Remote temperature display for monitoring

Model Voltage
PBF-1M AC100V or AC200V

*Install this product in a monitoring/administration room, etc.
*When placing an order, be sure to specify either 100 V AC or 200 V AC.
*The above product is made to order.

Power supply section

Model Number of temperature displays
NTA-10 1 display can be powered.
NTA-30 3 displays can be powered.
NTA-60 6 displays can be powered.

*Install the power supply section inside the control panel box.
If the power supply section cannot be installed inside the control panel box, dedicated power supply boxes are available (sold separately).

Power supply boxes

Model Number of display connections Transformer used × Number of units
TB-1 1 10VA×1
TB-2 2 30VA×1
TB-3 3 30VA×1
TB-4 4 60VA×1
TB-5 5 60VA×1
TB-6 6 60VA×1
TB-7 7 60VA×1 10VA×1
TB-8 8 60VA×1 30VA×1
TB-9 9 60VA×1 30VA×1
TB-10 10 60VA×2
TB-11 11 60VA×2
TB-12 12 60VA×2
TB-13 13 60VA×2 10VA×1
TB-14 14 60VA×2 30VA×1
TB-15 15 60VA×2 30VA×1

*When placing an order, be sure to specify the number of displays that will be connected and whether the voltage is 100 V or 200 V.
*We can separately provide vent holes and forced ventilation fans if needed.
*Indoor installation type
*The above products are made to order.

Temperature sensors

Specification Model
Made of SUS304 ST-4
B-4(standard accessory)
BW-4(double sensor)

Specification Model
Made of SUS316 B-4S
BW-4S(double sensor)

*The above product is made to order.

Specification Model
Made of titanium B-4T
BW-4T(double sensor)

*The above products are made to order.

Specification Model
For sauna SBOX(Pt100 Ω+temperature fuse included)
WOBOX(Sensor box made of Japanese cypress)

*The above products are made to order.