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Pre-SensorPre-Sensor, a pressure-based water-level control system, is recommended for countering Legionella bacteria contained in retained water while controlling bathtub water levels.

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■Fitness items

Rehabilitation itemsThese items to help improve balance on floors and practice everyday movements.

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Product information

■Items for elder care facilities

Items for elder care facilitiesThese items are widely used at elder care facilities, such as day-care service facilities and pay nursing homes. We focus on safety and health.

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 hot water supply system

Optimal-temperature hot water supply systemEquipment used for baths, pools and showers. Daileo offers safe and comfortable hot water supply systems.

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■Items for hot bath facilities

Items for hot bath facilitiesWe offer a wide range of items such as circulation facilities and jet attractions for high-end public baths and pools.

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■Hot water supply system
 for factories

Hot water supply system for factoriesThese products, which efficiently transfer steam into hot water, are chosen by food and pharmaceutical factories because of their safety.

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