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Integrated price list

Integrated price listIntegrated price list
(Ver. 2.3.1)

(Created in October 2014)
Amended on October 6, 2014

Product catalog

(Created in June 2015)

Oidaki-kun with supplying carbonated water Airless jetsOidaki-kun with supplying carbonated water NEW!!
(Created in February 2015)
Airless jetsAirless jets NEW!!
(Created in March 2015)

Water replenishment units for flow controlWater replenishment units for flow control
(Created in July 2014)
Medium-temperature water supply unitsMedium-temperature water supply units
(Created in July 2014)

Hot water supply units for factoriesHot water supply units for factories
(Created in May 2014)
Circulation metal fittings for bathtubs and poolsCirculation metal fittings for bathtubs and pools NEW!!
(Created in June 2015)

Jets and Vibra bathsJets and Vibra baths
(Created in February 2011)

Aqua Wellround StationAqua Wellround Station
(Created in April 2012)
Daileo Aqua GymDaileo Aqua Gym
(Created in January 2013)

Bath water replenishment unitsBath water replenishment units
(Created in March 2012)
Body-washing showers for poolsBody-washing showers for pools
(Created in March 2012)

Bath circulation unit Oidaki-kunBath circulation unit

(Created in July 2013)
Digital temperature indicatorsDigital temperature indicators
(Created in March 2011)

Genki bathsGenki baths
(Created in February 2011)
Hair catchersHair catchers
(Created in March 2011)